The fundamental phase of the aesthetic process.

The metal cleaning is the mechanical process of removal by specific abrasives with which a raw part is treated - whether die-cast, molded or extruded - in order to obtain the desired aesthetic finish in terms of roughness, reflectance and roughness or to prepare it for subsequent phases such as galvanic treatments, painting or oxidation.

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A smooth surface.

There are no perfectly smooth surfaces, all of them have a surface roughness due to microscopic roughness that disperses light rays in multiple directions.

In fact, the roughness of the surface itself causes numerous micro-reflections in random directions, thus take off intensity from the reflected light.

For this reason, a less rough surface will appear more reflective than a rougher surface.

Four steps.

The operations may be different depending on the expected result. It is possible to distinguish four process macro-phases to transforming a raw surface into glossy and degreased: Grinding, Polishing / Brushing, and Brightening Washing / Degreasing.