Multiple finishes

Multiple finishes made on brushed pieces in various materials. Finishes such as shiny, matt or pink gold, polished chrome, pearl or black and satin nickel that are made on new plants that represent an innovation in the sector.

Global Partner

A single point of contact. A precise order manager able to meet your mechanical and aesthetic requirements.


Technological innovation.

Ecofriendly. Plants for chromium 6 and 3 reduction and in-line purification according to international standards. No mains discharge, elimination of cyanides and total suction.

Multi-programming software. Production management that makes the plants hyper-flexible, suitable for the top market that requires total quality and punctuality, regardless of the dimension of the batches.

Systematic control. New generation software of the plants capable of communicating  in real time the production’s flow of data, so as to allow constant control of the status of the processes and complete traceability of all batches, even remotely.

Innovation. Plants capable of creating traditional and innovative aesthetic finishes. Thanks to software and process management, the possibilities become limitless.