Manufacturing for the leader in different sectors means tight process controls to ensure the highest aesthetic quality.

ISO 9001 ISO 14001

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The goal is to guarantee quality aesthetic industrial processes even in the context of increasingly varied, tight and sudden requests.


Deep knowledge at the service of the entire process.

50 years of activity in the world of finishes of aesthetic details in zamak, aluminum, brass and steel.

Vertical production

Quality, flexibility and containment of costs and times. A challenge that can only be won by relying on a only one supplier.

Industrial Organization / Artisanal Quality

Historical knowledge at the service of the future’s technology.

Industrial structure, processes and management system, but craftsmanship in every detail.


An always contemporary company.

Endless technological investments and improvements in business management.


People, the value of our company.

Highly qualified staff, internally trained and constantly updated and growing.


Green and greener.

In the processes involved, in the production plants and in disposal. In line with the hardest European regulations.